Company Overview

EB Brands Holding Inc. was incorporated in 1979 as a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of imported giftware items. The company originated from two companies, Starcase and Schildkraut, each founded over 50 years ago. The company was based in Pleasantville, New York until 1985. Due to company growth we needed to find larger facilities and we relocated multiple times.  Currently the Executive offices are located in Elmsford, NY and our warehouse is located in Hazelton, PA.

For many decades, we were the catalog specialists, producing syndicated catalogs to satisfy the needs of the retailer. All merchandise came from one source - us. It was the ultimate one stop shopping. We coordinated orders from many suppliers for specialty retailers and provided all the support necessary for successful selling. Not only did we help drive foot traffic into the stores, but our packaging enticed the customer to purchase once there.   We continue to provide that support while also offering dropship services to our retail partners, content and supply for e-commerce businesses, as well as a wide assortment of our products on our own website ebbrands.com.

While times have changed, EB Brands continues to offer exceptional products to add to companies’ assortments so they can offer a variety of high-impulse accessories in numerous product categories.  EB Brands provides trusted brand names (via licenses and respected internal brands) at value prices to the consumer, rapid turnaround to market, value-added services, and high retail margins. Accordingly, retail customers, now looking to do business with fewer vendors, turn to EB Brands as one of the top suppliers of fitness products, gift products, and travel accessories as a one-stop shop.  In fact, because of our expertise in planogram design, as well as our ability to offer a full line of products in each of our categories, many retailers defer to EB Brands on key decisions regarding product selection and inventory management.

EB has sold and sells products under the names Perfect Solutions, Disney Travel Accessories, Everlast, Sportline, WeGo, P90X®, Valeo, ThermaTek, ThermaGear, Good Life, Swiss Gear, Space Navigator, UFC, Just for Fun, Fantasy Football and numerous other brands to retailers and consumers. We have a showroom and sales office in Manhattan in addition to the Elmsford offices.

 EB's products are sold to most major national/global retailers and e-tailers in the United States, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, China and South Africa.